St. George Orthodox Church
Albanian Archdiocese of the OCA
Trumbull, Connecticut
News: 2016
Thank you! - 01/02/2016

We thank Ron Dougiello of the Commerce Hill Funeral Home for donating the Wall Calendars to our Church.

Condolences - 01/03/2016

We extend our condolences to Lillian Leka on the death last week of her mother, Helen Gaudette.  We also extend our condolences to Pam Buzi on the death New Year’s Day, of her mother, Noella SidarweckMemory Eternal! I Përjetshim Kujtimi!

2016 Parish Council Installed - 01/10/2016

We congratulate the members of our Parish Council for 2016 who were installed in office today after Divine Liturgy.  They are: Peter Dacey, Louise Karoli Gallagher, Laura Chadwick, Robert Lazar, Joseph Galich, William Kovachi, Jeff Jaworski, Catherine Hotova and Joseph Chadwick.  Many Years! Për Shumë Vjet!

Thank you! - 01/10/2016

We wish to acknowledge and thank Jim Bowe who served on the Parish Council and is coming off after completing his three-year term. Many Years! Për Shumë Vjet!

Teuta Ladies Society Holiday Luncheon - 01/17/2016

On Sunday, January 17th after Divine Liturgy, the Teuta Ladies Society of St. George held their annual Post-Holiday luncheon at Marissa’s Restaurant in Trumbull.

Parish Council Officers for 2016 - 01/31/2016

At their first meeting, the Parish Council elected the following officers for 2016:

  • Bill Kovachi, Chairman
  • Peter Dacey, Vice-chairman
  • Cathy Hotova, Treasurer
  • Jeff Jaworski, Financial Secretary
  • Louise Gallagher, Recording Secretary
  • Laura & Joe Chadwick, Corresponding Secretaries
  • Bob Lazar, Building and Grounds, interior
  • Joe Galich, Building and Grounds, exterior


Fundraiser Dance - 02/12/2016

On Friday night, February 12th, St. George held a dance and fund-raiser in the Church Hall. There was dancing to music of a professional DJ, and Schwartzkopf Crystal items were sold, with part of the proceeds donated to the Church. Thanks to Mimoza Bala for organizing the event.

Annual Valentine Dance a success - 02/13/2016

The annual Valentine Dance was again a great success! Our thanks to everyone who was involved with helping and supporting this event.  A heartfelt "Thank You" goes out to Nardi Tollkuci and Aida Corbaxhi for their efforts in organizing the event.

Six members recognized by Archdiocese - 02/28/2016

We extend our congratulations to Vi Bowe, Jim Bowe, Laura Chadwick, Laura Denisevich, Karen Masek, and Dolores Nauchy who were awarded the honor of Heralds of Saint Constantine and Saint Helena for their lifelong stewardship to the church.   His Eminence, Bishop Nikon awarded them on Sunday, February 28th at the end of Divine Liturgy.  May God bless them as they continue to work for the good of our community.  Click on the more information link to view some photos.

Welcome! - 02/28/2016

We welcomed to Saint George today, His Eminence, Archbishop Nikon, hierarch of the Albanian Archdiocese. In addition to celebrating the Divine Liturgy with us, he recognized several members of our parish community for their contributions to the life of our parish.  We also welcomed Deacon Gregory Curran and Subdeacons Michael Arida & Nektary Lukianov who helped us celebrate the Hierarchical Liturgy.

Congratulations - 02/28/2016

We extend our congratulations to Jeff and Carol Jaworski and Eileen Bochino on the birth of their latest (great) grandchild, Jason Jeffrey Jaworski, who was born on February 13, 2016.  Jason is the son of Jason and Angellina Jaworski, and the little brother of Siena and EllieMany Years! Për Shumë Vjet!

Condolences - 03/09/2016

We express our condolences to the families and friends of the following people:

  • Winifred Kent, an old friend of the Buzi family,
  • Mary Zamary, the grandmother of Trumbull First Selectman Timothy Herbst, and
  • John Denisevich, the brother of David Denisevich

Memory Eternal!  I Përjetshim Kujtimi!

Memory Eternal - 03/29/2016

Helen Tallcouch, a very active and long-time member of our parish community, passed away on Tuesday, March 29th. The parish extends it's condolences to her family.  May Helen’s memory be eternal!

Memory Eternal - 04/03/2016

We extend our condolences to the family of Diana Breaz, a 12-year-old from St. Dimitrie Church for whom we have been praying for several years as she fought cancer.  Memory Eternal! I Përjetshim Kujtimi!

Memory Eternal - 04/18/2016

We were sad to learn that Pandeli (Peter) Jordhamo departed this life on Sunday, April 17th.  We extend our condolences to Peter's family.  Memory Eternal! I Përjetshim Kujtimi!

Palm Sunday 2016 - 04/24/2016

On April 24th, St. George celebrated Palm Sunday which marks the Entrance of the Lord into Jerusalem. After Divine Liturgy, the children of the parish participated in a procession around the inside the church with palms and palm crosses which they prepared during Church School. Click onto the following more information link to view several photos.

Congratulations - 04/30/2016

We extend our congratulations to Donna (Elizabeth) Kerma and Ildi (Ilia) Begolli who were received into the Holy Orthodox Church on Holy Saturday, Donna through the Sacrament of Chrismation and Ildi through the Sacraments of Baptism and Chrismation. Donna’s Godmother is Laura Coughlin. Ildi’s Godfather is Nardi Tollkuci. Many Years! Për Shumë Vjet!

Pascha - 2016 - 05/01/2016

The St. George community recently completed the service cycle of Great Lent and Holy Week to Holy Pascha, with the celebration of the Midnight Paschal Liturgy on May 1st.  Christ is Risen! Truly, He is Risen!  Krishti U-Ngjall! Vërtet U-Ngjall! are the traditional Orthodox Christian Paschal greetings in both English and Albanian.  Click Here to view the Paschal greeting in numerous languages.

Thank you! - 05/07/2016

We extend our thanks to the many people who helped to make Lent, Holy Week and Pascha beautiful and meaningful celebrations:

  • Pauline Dionis for decorating the Holy Cross for the Petafi.
  • The “Myrrhbearing Women” –Mary DiIulio, Louise Karoli Gallagher, Dolores Nauchy, JoAnne Soter, Pauline Dionis and Jean Brideau—who decorated the Petafi on Holy Friday morning, along with their assistants, John DiIulio and Bob Lazar.
  • Louise Karoli Gallagher, who the Petafi flowers in memory of her husband James Gallagher and James & Katherine Karoli.
  • Jennifer Goetz for decorating the Church for Holy Pascha.
  • Ron Dougiello of Commerce Hill Funeral Home in Bridgeport for the lilies that beautify the inside of the Church.
  • The Teuta Ladies Society for the beautiful red eggs.
  • Cantors Van Michael and Charles Soter and their assistants Greg Buzi II and Peter Dacey for their dedication and singing at every service.
  • The Choir and its Directors, Karen Masek and Laura Chadwick for their preparation and singing throughout Holy Week and Pascha.
  • Our volunteer readers.
  • Bob Lazar for his assistance in the sanctuary.
  • The Altar Servers for their time and assistance.
  • Sue Galich and her helpers for organizing the Children’s Egg Hunt and Coffee Hour.

Those who simply came to pray and celebrate the services.

Thank you! - 05/08/2016

We extend our thanks to the Commerce Hill Funeral Home and Ron Dougiello for donating the roses for the mothers of our parish for Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day- 2016 - 05/08/2016

St. George recognized Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 8th during Divine Liturgy.  Prayers were offered for all of the living and departed Mothers, Grandmothers, and Godmothers of our parish community.  Many Years! Për Shumë Vjet!

Condolences - 05/22/2016

We extend our condolences to Jennifer Goetz and her family on the death of Jennifer’s father, Michael Lopen, who departed this life on Thursday, May 19thMemory Eternal! I Përjetshim Kujtimi!

Bequest received - 05/29/2016

We express our gratitude to the late Lillian George, who left $10,000 to St. George Church in her will. Memory Eternal! I Përjetshim Kujtimi!

Condolences - 06/18/2016

We learned of the death on Saturday, June 11th, of Thomas Dudo, a long-time member and friend of our Parish community who has been living in Averil Park, New York.  Memory Eternal! I Përjetshim Kujtimi!

Father's Day Commemorations - 2016 - 06/20/2016

For Father's Day, St. George recognized all of the living and departed Fathers, Grandfathers and Godfathers of our Parish community with prayers during Divine Liturgy. Many Years!  Për Shumë Vjet!


Congratulations to our Graduates! - 06/26/2016

The following is a list of our young adults who recently graduated from high school or college. We extend our best wishes to them for continued success!

  • Kristen Babich:  graduated from Fairfield Warde High School.
  • TJ Coughlin:  graduated from Trumbull High School.
  • Jason Flynn graduated from the University of North Carolina.
  • Haley Flynn graduated from Rustin High School, West Chester, PA.
  • Eric Flynn graduated from Rustin High School, West Chester, PA
  • Jackie Goetz: graduated from Weston High School.
  • Lauren Rubis: graduated from Marist College (New York).
  • Eve Wight graduated from Westhill High School (Stamford).

 Many Years!         Për Shumë Vjet!

Congratulations! - 07/24/2016

On Sunday, July 24th, Michael Vincent Moras, Jr., was received into the Holy Orthodox Church through the Mysteries of Baptism and Chrismation. Wayne and Lauren Moras were godparents. Michael is the son of Michael and Dana Moras, Sr., and grandson of Wayne and Melissa Moras.   Many Years! Për Shumë Vjet!

Congratulations! - 07/24/2016

On Saturday, July 2nd, Sarah O’Brien was married to Brian Davis in Mahopac, NY.  Sarah is the daughter of John and Kimberley O’Brien, granddaughter of George and Antonette Barmashi, and sister of Chelsey O’Brien who served as her maid of honor.  Many Years!  Për Shumë Vjet!

Congratulations to our Summer Graduate! - 08/03/2016

Congratulations to Melissa Galich who graduated from Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy in Newtown.

Condolences - 08/12/2016

We were saddened to learn that Florence Chala passed away Friday, August 12th.  We offer our condelences to her sister, Diana Michael, and her family. May Florence’s Memory be Eternal!

Best wishes to our Collegians! - 08/23/2016

The following is a status of some of our young adults currently enrolled in college. Additionally, we wish to specifically acknowledge our Pastor Fr. Dennis who is commencing post-graduate work at St. Vladimir’s.  We give our Best Wishes for their continued success!

Jonathan Avila – Freshman at Housatonic Community College.

Kristen Babich – Freshman, majoring in Elementary Education at Saint Joseph's University (Pennsylvania).

Hope Caliendo – Sophomore attending King’s College (Pennsylvania) majoring in Early Childhood education.

TJ Coughlin – Freshman, majoring in Engineering at the University of Maryland.

Andrew Cryan – Senior at the University of Bridgeport pursuing a degree in Industrial Design.

Victoria Demetri – Sophomore, pursuing an AS Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics at Gateway Community College (Connecticut).

James Denisevich - pursuing his Master of Science in Secondary Education at the University of Bridgeport.

Haley Flynn - Freshman attending the University of New Hampshire.

Eric Flynn - Freshman attending the University of Rhode Island.  

Jackie Goetz – Freshman, majoring in Biology at the University of Connecticut.

Amy Hurd – Sophomore at Bryant University (Rhode Island).

Kellie Hurd – Senior at the University of Rhode Island, majoring in Merchandising.

Adam Nichio – Junior, majoring in Photography at Norwalk Community College. 

Anthony Nichio – Junior, majoring in Finance at the University of Connecticut.

Fr. Dennis Rhodes – pursuing a Doctor of Ministry at St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary (Yonkers, New York).

Kristina Tolkuci – Sophomore at Arcadia University (Pennsylvania).

Luiza Tollkuci – Senior at the University of Rhode Island.

Jordan Paige Veneri – Sophomore attending Saint Anselm College (New Hampshire) majoring in Biology.

Eve Wight -  Freshman attending the University of Vermont.

Remembrance - 09/11/2016

Today, St George remembered the victims of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, on the Fifteenth Anniversary of those attacks.  Memory Eternal! I Përjetshim Kujtimi!

Congratulations! - 09/11/2016

We would like to extend our best wishes to Marica Dacey & Blaise Ancona who are engaged and will be married on Memorial Day, 2017.  Best wishes also go to A. Peter Dacey & Alexis Jacobson who are engaged and will be married October 14, 2017.  We would also like to congratulate Beverlee & Gowan Dacey, parents of Marica and Peter!  Many Years! Për Shumë Vjet!

Church School School Year Begins - 09/18/2016

Sunday, September 18th was Opening Day for our Church School.  We pray that our students and teachers will have a good and profitable year! Many Years! Për Shumë Vjet!

LaBache Scholarship Award Recipients - 09/25/2016

We congratulate the following young people who are receiving scholarships from the Thomas and Katherine LaBache Scholarship Fund:

  • Jacqueline Goetz
  • Kristen Babich
  • Hope Caliendo
  • Timothy Coughlin
  • Luiza Tollkuci
  • Kristina Tollkuci
  • Jonathan Avila
  • Eve Wight
  • Andrew Cryan

Many Years! Për Shumë Vjet!

Condolences - 09/29/2016

We have learned that our friend John “Jack” Reh passed away on Tuesday, September 27th. He was the husband of Helen Atanas Reh, and brother-in-law of Shirley JordanMay his memory be eternal!

Condolences - 09/30/2016

The parish was saddened to learn that William Hurd, brother of Wallace Hurd, passed away on Friday, September 30th. Our condolences go out to Wallace and Nacy Hurd and their families. Memory Eternal!

Condolences - 09/30/2016

We were saddened today to learn that Fr. Dennis’ brother, David Rhodes, died on Thursday, September 29th in California. St. George extends it's condolences to Fr. Dennis and his family.  May his memory be eternal!

Condolences - 10/09/2016

We have learned of the death this week of Christine Morrison, mother of Theodore and Matthew, and sister of James Dionis. Memory Eternal! I Përjetshim Kumtimi!

Welcome - 10/23/2016

We welcomed to St. George Church, Father Sergei Bouteneff, who celebrated Divine Liturgy while Father Dennis was away.

Fall Bazaar a Success! - 10/23/2016

The Teuta Ladies’ Society would like to acknowledge all the ladies who worked so hard to make our 2016 Bazaar a success.  A big thank you also to the men who volunteered their time in helping the ladies.

Veteran's Day Thank you! - 11/13/2016

We offered our thanks to our Military Veterans and asked God to bless them, their families and our country on Veterans Day weekend.

Albanian Independence Day - 11/27/2016

We offered prayers today for the Albanian people and nation in honor of Albanian Flag Day—Ditë e Flamurit. Many Years! Për Shumë Vjet!

Choir sends off Care Packages - 11/28/2016

On Monday, Nov 28th, Choir members gathered to prepare and package Care Packages which were mailed to the parish collegian's in time for their Final Exams.

Thank you! - 12/25/2016

We thank Ron Dougiello of the Commerce Hill Funeral Home for donating the Poinsetta flowers that decorated the Church for The Feast of the Nativity, and for the 2017 Wall Calendars.

Celebrating the Nativty of the Lord - 12/25/2016

Christ is born! Glorify Him!  Krishti U-Lind! Lavdërojeni! are the traditional Orthodox Christian Christmas greetings in both English and Albanian. The St. George Community recently completed the service cycle of Advent with the Christmas Eve Compline (including a traditional singing of Christmas Carols after services) and Divine Liturgy for the Nativity of the Lord.

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