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Celebrating the Nativity of Christ - 2009 - 12/25/09

At the end of both the Christmas Compline and the Nativity Liturgy, the faithful sang carols, as our Church School Children reenacted the Nativity Story in a series of living tableaux.

Click on the slideshow link below to view the photos.

(13 images)

Santa visits after St. Nicholas celebration - 12/06/09

After the parish's St. Nicholas Day celebration, and following the singing of Christmas Carols and the reading of “’Twas the Night before Christmas,” we had our visit from Santa to the Church School children.

Click on the slideshow link below to view some photos.

(30 images)

St. Nicholas Day Celebration - 2009 - 12/06/09

Click on the slideshow link below to view some photos from our St. Nicholas celebration.

Adding a new twist, the celebration was moved from Vespers to after the Liturgy.  Our Church School Friends and Family gathered for an expanded coffee hour of fun and fellowship.
Participants were invited to bring a new, unwrapped toy for distribution to those less fortunate – through the “Toys for Tots” program.

Young and old decorated our tree and enjoyed food and games.

(14 images)

God Bless Evan Michael! - 11/28/09

Click on the slideshow link below to view some photos from the baptism of Evan Michael Meador - joining the joy are proud parents are Allen and Erin (Alston), grand parents Russ and Jeanette. .

(15 images)

Recognizing our Veterans! - 11/15/09

Click on the slideshow link below to view some photos from the Sunday after Veteran's Day, November 15th, when Father Sergei honored all the Veterans of our parish. They were asked to come forward to receive a small token of appreciation - a lapel pin of a cross superimposed on the American flag.

In addressing the parish, Fr. Sergei noted that in every generation, men and women of our community stepped forward to serve, indicating that even now we have a parish "grand-daughter" going into the Marines.

Each of our veterans was asked to announce to the parish what branch they served with.  In appreciation, the community joined in a heartfelt "MANY YEARS."The community adjourned to a festive coffee hour held in honor of our service men and women.  In private, Fr. Sergei presented the widows of each of our service men a similar pin.

(6 images)

Thanks for a successful Bazaar - 11/15/09

Click on the slideshow link below to view a few photos showing Gloria Athanas, the president of the Teuta Ladies Society, presenting a check of $12,000.00 to Bill Kovachi, the President of the Parish Council after Liturgy on November 15th.  Gloria spoke thanking all the hard work that had made their annual Bazaar a success, and Bill spoke to the Ladies, expressing thanks for their generosity.

(3 images)

2009 Fall Bazaar - 10/24/09

Click on the slideshow link below to view photos from the Fall Bazaar which was held in the Church Hall on Saturday and Sunday, October 24th and 25th.

(15 images)

Jenna Mae Dionis Christening - 10/09/09

Click on the slideshow link below to view photos of the baptism of Jenna Mae Dionis.  God Bless Jenna Mae and her parents John and Debbie.

(18 images)

2009-2010 Church School Program begins - 09/13/09

Click on the slideshow link below to view photos from the first day of Church School classes for the 2009-2010 School Year. 

The year began with special prayers for the students and teachers, which were followed by a brief presentation by Father Sergei on the story of Creation and Environmental Stewardship. After the dismissal and blessing with Holy Water, the students and teachers adjourned to hear a story from the book “Old Turtle” which deals with caring for God’s creations, and then participated in planting spring flower bulbs outside of the Church. (Thanks to Tim Coughlin who assisted the children with planting lessons and hole digging).

(16 images)

Sarah Csernica completes a Service Project in Tennessee - 07/02/09

Click on the slideshow link below to view some photos of Sarah Csernica and a team of other volunteering teenagers helping complete some home repairs for a low income family in Trade (Johnson County) Tennessee.  Sarah volunteered her time between July 26th and July 5th with the Appalachian Service Project.

(6 images)

Ladies Night Out - 06/16/09

Click onto the slideshow link below to view photos from a Teuta's Ladies Society social called "Ladies Night Out" which was held on Tuesday, June 16th.  The evening featured bingo, appetizers and dessert, and an evening of socializing.

(7 images)

Church School Commencement - 2009 - 05/31/09

Click on the slideshow link below to view photos from the 2008 - 2009 Church School Commencement which was held on Sunday, May 31st after Liturgy. 

(15 images)

Teuta Bake Sale - 05/09/09

Click on the slideshow link below to view a few photos of the Teuta Ladies Society Bake Sale which was held the Saturday before Mother’s Day.   

(5 images)

Paschal Vespers and Traditional Egg Hunt - 04/18/09

Click on the slideshow link below to view photos from the Paschal Vespers where, as in years past, the Agape Gospel was proclaimed in both Albanian and English.
Following the Services, the 20th Annual Egg Hunt for the parish children was held with a visit from Br’er Rabbit: Peter.

(19 images)

Great & Holy Friday - 2009 - 04/17/09

Click on the links below to view and listen to some short video clips of the Lamentations from the Friday evening Lamentation Matins, which marks Christ's Burial:

First Stasis

Second Stasis

Third Stasis

Click on the slideshow link below to view photos of preparation activities for the Good Friday services and the Friday afternoon Vespers of the "Taking down from the Cross"

(24 images)

Palm Sunday Evening Vespers - 04/12/09

Click on the slideshow link below to view two photos from the Palm Sunday Evening services at St. George.  We were pleased to host Fr. Cornel Todeasa and members of the St. Dimitrie parish.

(2 images)

Palm Sunday - 2009 - 04/12/09

Click on the slideshow link below to view photos of parishioners and the Church School children preparing pussywillows and palm crosses, and from the procession with palms and pussywillows at the end of the Palm Sunday Liturgy marking the Entrance of the Lord into Jerusalem.

(18 images)

Blue Jeans Sunday - 04/05/09

Click on the slideshow link below to view several photos of a community wide service project called Blue Jeans Sunday.  After Liturgy on Sunday, April 12th, Tim Coughlin led a group of our church school children and some parishioner volunteers to conduct a spring clean-up of the church grounds before Pascha and the traditional egg hunt.  

(15 images)

Pan-Orthodox Vespers held at St. George - 03/29/09

The Saint George parish was honored to play host to one of the 2009 Lenten Sunday evening Vespers that was sponsored by Connecticut's oldest and largest Pan-Orthodox Clergy Association.

The Vespers brings together clergy and parishioners from some twelve Bridgeport area Orthodox communities for a time of prayer and fellowship.

The large, many-voiced choir, under the direction of our own Laura Chadwick lifted up our hearts in prayer.

The warm hospitality was embodied by the wide variety of wonderful Lenten foods prepared for us by our devoted ladies.

The Lenten effort is made easier in this celebration of unity-in-diversity, peoples of many cultures and traditions celebrating the Orthodox Faith.

Click on the slideshow link below to view a few photos from the Vesper service and fellowship gathering aftewards.

(8 images)

FORCC Meeting held at St. George - 03/18/09

Our parish was pleased to host the Fellowship of Orthodox Churches of Connecticut  (FORCC) for their March Meeting.

The Fellowship of Orthodox Churches of Connecticut (FORCC) with its true meaning of FELLOWSHIP has successfully united Orthodox churches in our state to work together as a team to promote the Orthodox Faith throughout Connecticut.

Photo on Left: Our parish representative, Bob Lazar is seen in the photo with the association president, Nina Kosowsky.

Click the slideshow link below to view a few photos from the meeting.

(4 images)

Sunday of Orthodoxy - 2009 - 03/08/09

Photos of some of the parish children returning Konizmat Icons during Liturgy on the Sunday of Orthodoxy.  The Sunday of Orthodoxy is the 1st Sunday of Great Lent for Orthodox Christians, was served on March 8th this year.

Click Here for more information on Konizmat

(13 images)

Pan-Orthodox Choir 2009 - 02/23/09

Click on the slideshow link below to view photos of two choir rehearsals held at St. George of the Pan-Orthodox Choir preparing for the four Vespers services scheduled during 2009.  

Annually, the Bridgeport area Orthodox Churches' schedule Pan-Orthodox Sunday Lenten Vespers which are sponsored by the Bridgeport area Pan Orthodox Clergy Association (Connecticut's oldest and largest Pan-Orthodox Clergy Association).
On March 29, 2009, our parish hosted one of the year's Lenten Vespers.
Leading the choir for 2009 and 2010 is Laura Chadwick, one of our two directors.

(Note: the icon in the middle of the slideshow separates the photos from the two rehearsal dates).

(9 images)

Teuta celebrates Patronal Feast Day - 02/08/09

Photos from the Teuta Ladies Society celebrating their patronal feast day.

(10 images)

Teuta Annual Luncheon - 02/01/09

Photos from the Teuta Society celebrating at their annual luncheon.

(7 images)

T.J. Coughlin's Service Project - 02/01/09

Some photos from T. J Coughlin' Service Project - "Project Warmth", which served as our parish's February 2009 Charity collection.

Click Here for more information on T.J.'s project. 

(11 images)

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