St. George Orthodox Church
Albanian Archdiocese of the OCA
Trumbull, Connecticut
Godspeed to Louis Theodos - 02/03/08

We are very proud to hear that our Louis Theodos is to leave with 2 dental colleagues, both from Ridgefield, CT., on Feb 28th.  They fly to Tegucigalpa, Honduras, then travel to San Marcos, a section in the country in need of medical and dental care.  The group returns on March 9th.

The organization is Cape Cares., out of South Yarmouth, MA.  For more information, go to . The team of doctors, dentists, nurses, ancillary helpers, hygienists, etc., will work and sleep in this small village and provide care for one week.  Louis says: "We used to stay in the only Hotel with AC, but that was in San Jose.  So its tents and bug repellent for awhile."

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