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Year-end Thanks! - 12/26/08

After the Christmas Liturgy, as is our custom we honor those whose stewardship of time and talent keeps our parish moving forward.  These are listed by household – each was asked to take home a Christmas poinsettia plant:

Jeanette & Russ Alston,  Anna & Lisa Bouteneff,  Greg Buzi,  Tom Buzi,  Valerie Babich,  Laura & Joe Chadwick,  Kelly & Laura Coughlin,  Allie, Emily & Dianne Cryan,  Greg & Sarah Csernica,  Monica Demetri,  Laura Denisevich,  Sue Galich,  Jeff Jaworski,  Pete Jordhamo,  Lilijana Kerma,  Bill Kovachi,  Bob Lazar,  Sasha Lazor,  Sue Lazos,  Karen Masek,  Van Michael,  Kim O’Brien,  Charles Soter,  Tim Tallcouch.

Additionally, we also want to recognize three sets of stewards:

The beautifiers during the holiday season: the Choir, Lisa Bouteneff, Ron Dougiello, Jennifer Goetz, Bob Lazar, Natalia Stone, Cheryl Themel, and Donalyn Wales;

Our meshë makers: Pauline Dionis, Helen Tallcouch and Nancy (Lambert) Theodos.

Our Tableaux coordinators: Anna Bouteneff, Laura Coughlin, Jennifer Goetz, Sue Wight

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