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Burime ne Shqip
Thank you! - 04/07/18

We extend our thanks to the many people who helped to make Lent, Holy Week and Pascha beautiful and meaningful celebrations:

·       The “Myrrhbearing Women” –Mary DiIulio, Louise Karoli Gallagher, Dolores Nauchy, JoAnn Soter, Pauline Dionis, Jean Brideau and Jeanette Nichio—who decorated the Petafi on Holy Friday morning.

·       Alice Vasil, who donated toward the Petafi flowers and Easter Eggs in memory of her husband William Vasil.

·       Karen Masek, who also donated toward the Petafi flower in memory of the departed members of the Michael Family.

·       Nancy and Wally Hurd, who also donated toward the Petafi flowers in memory of Andrew Yapo.

·       Louise Karoli Gallagher, who also donated toward the Petafi flowers in memory of James Gallagher.

·       Jennifer Goetz for decorating the Church for Holy Pascha.

·       Mary DiIulio for the new bows which adorn the Paschal Banner.

·       Ron Dougiello of Commerce Hill Funeral Home in Bridgeport for the lilies that beautify the inside of the Church.

·       The Teuta Ladies Society for the beautiful red eggs.

·       Cantors Charles Soter and Peter Dacey for their dedication and singing at all the services.

·       The Choir and its Choir Directors, Karen Masek and Laura Chadwick for their preparation and singing throughout Holy Week and Pascha.

·       Our volunteer readers.

·       Bob Lazar for his assistance in the sanctuary.

·       The Altar Servers for their time and assistance.

·       Sue Galich and her helpers for organizing the Children’s Egg Hunt and Coffee Hour.

Those who simply came to pray and celebrate the services.

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Thank you!
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