St. George Orthodox Church
Albanian Archdiocese of the OCA
Trumbull, Connecticut
Lenten Bracelets - Veror - 03/01/20

On Sunday, March 1st, at the Church School session on Forgiveness Sunday, the children and their teachers tied this bracelet on their right hand, and keep it on until Paschal Vespers, when they cut it off, and place it on the bushes for the birds.

Veror is an Albanian folk spring-time tradition - whose origin is clouded in time - there was the practice of children wearing string bracelets for a period of time, bracelets that they would cut off and throw on the bushes so that the birds would take them for their nesting material.

In our parish, this folk custom was integrated into the church as a Lenten effort/reminder during Great Lent.

Some of the adults of the parish wear this bracelet in solidarity with the children.

The bracelets this year are crocheted with red and white yarn - a reminder of the nature of Christ: both God and man.  Thanks go out to Llouiza Tollkuci who made the bracelets this year.

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