St. George Orthodox Church
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Trumbull, Connecticut
Prayers for our Archdiocese - 10/18/2021

In conjunction with the recent posting on the OCA website concerning the search for a bishop for the Albanian Archdiocese, the parishes of the Archdiocese were asked to join in prayers. To those prayers offered by the Archdiocese, we are adding our own as we seek a pastor for ourselves.  These prayers will be said at the end of Divine Liturgy.
Petition /Prayers
We pray that the Lord our God, in His mercy and providential care, will call forth for our Albanian Archdiocese a true shepherd of wisdom and strength, blessing us with an Archpastor to care for our spiritual well-being, uniting His faithful people in zealous confession of our holy faith, and committing us in loving service one to another in bright witness to the glory of His holy name, hear us and have mercy.
(Lord have mercy 3x)

O Lord, the High Priest of God's People, You have shown us that it is Your Will that men be called to the priesthood of Your Holy Church. 
From the ranks of fishermen, You called Andrew and Peter and James and John, and made them, and their successors in every age, to be the "fishers of men". 
We, Your people in this age, call upon Your great love to inspire for our churches, dedicated men to be Your future priests. Touch their lives with Your Holy Spirit; give them the courage to answer Your call and the strength to work all the days of their life for Your service. 
You told us with Your precious lips, "Without Me, you can do nothing." As we call upon Your Name for more vocations, O great High Priest, send us a priest after Your own heart to shepherd and lead Your flock at the Saint George Orthodox Church.
(Lord have mercy 3X) 

For You are a loving God, and we praise Your Holy Name: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; now. and ever, and unto ages of ages.
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